We build relationships across industries on green innovation through horizontal collaborations.

Energy Efficiency Projects

Miraah Solar Power Plant

In conjunction with GlassPoint, one of the largest solar plants — Miraah — was built in the south of Oman. A 1,021 MW solar thermal facility, the project generates 6000 tonnes of solar steam and comprises of 36 glasshouse modules using large mirrors to concentrate sunlight for steam creation.

Wind Power

Oman’s first wind-based power project is one of the most prominent and largest renewable energy projects in the region. Awarded the “Wind Power Project of the Year”, the 50 MW project is a collaboration between the Sultanate of Oman and Abu Dhabi.

Company MOUs

Green Waste Management

The Airline industry signed an MOU to supply “Kala” a compost factory with green waste. This agreement comes within the series of initiatives to implement sustainability, allowing them to play an active role in reducing the amount of food thrown in landfills.

Mobility Project

A consortium will work on a Green Hydrogen for Mobility project in Oman. The firm has signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will include the development of hydrogen production units powered by photovoltaic solar plants.

Sustainable Logistics

A strategic partnership was penned with an SME to further decarbonisation efforts. Involved parties will work together on opportunities to reduce CO2e in the logistics sector and contribute to the development of a sustainable logistics industry in Oman.


An agreement was signed to introduce biodiesel blends to Oman. The two companies will explore the potential of selling different blends of biodiesel to customers in the commercial and marine sectors as an alternative for marine diesel engines.

Green Energy

Oman and Belgium have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in the green energy sector, particularly in the field of green hydrogen. Both parties desire to promote and develop initiatives and projects in the field of green energy.